Best Gamepads under 2000 - Top 5 Gamepad in India in 2023


Gamepads are a fun way of enjoying games. They enhance the enjoyment of our loved games to the next stage. There are different kinds of gamepads available in the market but which one you should buy. In this article, we have shortlisted the top 5 best pc gaming controllers/gamepads in 2023 through extensive research and testing. We’ve put together a list of options that’ll meet the needs of different types of buyers so whether it's performance or its design we’ve got you covered. All these best gamepads under 2000 are top-tier performance beasts in this price segment. So, let's get started but first.

Best Gamepads in India
Best Gamepads in India

This article consists of the following topics:

What are Gamepads and What are Gamepads used for?

Gamepads, usually referred to as controllers, are input gadgets made for use with gaming consoles, computers, and other Android devices. Gamepads are handheld devices with buttons, triggers, analog sticks, and joysticks that let gamers control the movements and actions of characters or vehicles, etc.

Gamepads are basically meant for gaming which can provide a more immersive and intuitive gaming experience than other input devices like keyboards or mice. The buttons and controls are logically positioned for the convenience of use while playing, and they are ergonomically created to fit pleasantly in the hands.  There are mainly two types of gamepads: Wired and Wireless (via Bluetooth or any other wireless technology).

Some of the important features of a gamepad are given below:

  • Buttons: Gamepads' buttons can be used for Jumping, shooting, and interacting with objects. Almost all the gamepads have at least four buttons (such as A, B, X, or Y) or symbols and are typically arranged in a pattern that is easily recognizable, like a diamond or cross shape. There are also additional buttons such as the home button, and buttons for turbo mode or RGB mode.
  • Triggers and Bumpers: Triggers and bumpers, which are utilized for activities like accelerating, braking, or aiming, are typically found on the top or back of the gamepad. They are typically pressure-sensitive, allowing for variable input based on how much pressure is applied.
  • Analog Sticks: Analog sticks are small joysticks that provide analog input for controlling the movement or camera view in games. They allow for precise control of directional movements and can be tilted in different directions to control the speed or intensity of the action.
  • D-pad (Directional Pad): Located on the bottom-left side of the gamepad, the D-pad is a cross-shaped directional pad that can be used for menu navigation or character movement. It also offers input for controlling movements in the upward, downward, left, or right directions.
  • Home/Menu Button: The home/menu button is a dedicated button that allows players to access the system menu, pause the game, or navigate through menus.
  • Vibration Motors: Many gamepads include built-in vibration motors that provide tactile feedback during gameplay, enhancing the gaming experience by providing haptic feedback for actions like explosions, collisions, or other in-game events.
  • Audio Jacks: Some gamepads also include audio jacks for connecting headphones or headsets, allowing players to communicate with other players during online multiplayer games or enjoy immersive audio experiences.

Now coming back to the Best Gamepads under 2000 in 2023.!

Cosmic Byte Gamepad
Cosmic Byte Gamepad

If you’re in pursuit of a quality product with a top-tier design we say look no further than the Cosmic Byte C3070W Nebula wireless gamepad. The best-designed pc gaming controller available in the market in 2023. Cosmic Byte's premium controller has been updated with important new features on almost all fronts while maintaining ergonomics and design. The ergonomics are simply perfect with an excellent grip on the side and an anti-slip surface on the top. The structure is very similar to that of the Xbox controller. Compact in shade measuring 15 x 8 x 13 cm and weighing 190 grams. This controller fits easily in your hand and that too very comfortable. With quick access to all buttons, the controller maintains the essence without losing any dead spots. The controller works with a PC and PS3 (although it can be used in Android devices for a few specific games). The controller features 12 backlit buttons which are really cool. While playing in a dark room the gamepad gives another level of satisfaction. This gamepad has a turbo button, which really helps in tough scenarios. A battery of 600mAH will give you a playtime of 12 hours. You can switch from x-input to D- input by pressing and holding the home button. The gamepad offers vibration while playing on a PC. The vibrations are also responsive and adaptive. The only problem with this controller is that it doesn't have C-port connectivity. But, who cares?? This gamepad is one of the best gamepads available in the market.

RedGear Pro Wireless Gamepad - INR 1,399

Best Gamepad in India
Red Gear Pro Wireless Gamepad

The build quality of the Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad is not as good as that of Cosmic Byte's Nebula but it is also not that bad. The design of the gamepad is solid. While playing the game it will not feel that you're holding a gamepad. It is very smooth. One good thing about this gamepad is that you get two dongles If, by any chance you lost a dongle, there'll be another waiting for you so that you can lose the other one also. There will be no lag while playing the game. The vibrations are adaptive and responsive, you'll feel the vibration if you're driving your car. Despite the so so build quality the quality of the buttons are top-notch. This ergonomically designed gamepad weighs around 340 grams with a product dimension of 18x7.4x15.6 cm. The battery of this gamepad will last for almost 2 hours after charging for 30 mins. Overall this gamepad is worth its penny.

best gamepad in india
Ant Esports Gamepad

This is one of the latest products of Ant Esports in the gamepad segment. This gamepad works on everything except Apple and Xbox. This Neon RGB gamepad works on PS3, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android Mobile, and at last Android Smart TV. IPhone users cannot use this gamepad. Anyway, is there any gamepad developed by Apple? Tech products are nowadays so well designed that they give a premium look even on a low budget. Ant Esports Gamepad is so beautiful that you won't take your eyes off the gamepad. Bright, colorful, and one of the best gamepads available in the market. The gamepad comes with a few connectors which can be used to connect Android devices The wire is almost 2 m long and that is enough if you're playing on a pc and a mobile. The gamepad consists of dual vibration motors which enhance the experience. There is also a key to changing the color from multicolor to single and vice-versa. There is also a wireless gamepad (Link here) but the functions are somewhat similar.

Bluetooth Gamepad
Claw Shoot Bluetooth Gamepad

The CLAW Shoot Bluetooth Mobile Gamepad Controller is a versatile gaming accessory designed for Android phones, tablets, Windows PCs, and laptops. It is a complete package that is compatible with almost all devices. The gamepad comes with a Detachable mobile holder of around 4-7 inches mobiles which can be used while playing games on the mobile. The adjustable angle and sturdy grip ensure a comfortable gaming experience, allowing you to play games in landscape or portrait mode. This gamepad has Bluetooth connectivity, which means we won't need to worry about the receiver, which we're always afraid that it might get lost. Bluetooth connectivity offers seamless connection and provides lag-free gameplay. The gamepad has a rubberized grip on the handles for better gameplay. It prevents slips and enhances control, allowing for precise movements and actions. The buttons can be remapped at your convenience which is a good thing. You can reset it anytime but it's a good thing if you're different from others and want to change the gaming buttons. The 400mAH rechargeable battery within the controller allows for up to 10 hours of nonstop action on a single charge. Additionally, a battery status LED indicator lets you know when a recharge is necessary.

This Gamepad Controller offers a feature-rich gaming experience with its button mapping, detachable mobile holder, long battery life, and rubberized textured grip. It's wide compatibility and upgraded features make it an ideal choice for mobile and PC gamers looking for a versatile and high-performance gamepad controller.

Best Gamepad in india
Ant Epsorts Gamepad

It is one of the highest-performance gaming controllers designed for PC and PS3 gaming enthusiasts. This wireless gamepad offers a good gaming experience for gamers of all genres. It uses a 2.4GHz wireless technology for low latency and stable connections, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. The gamepad comes with dual vibration motors which are responsible for adaptive and realistic entertainment while driving and shooting. The buttons are well-customizable allowing you to use this ergonomically designed gamepad to its full potential. It features an ergonomic design with textured grips, responsive buttons, and precise analog sticks for accurate control and reduced hand fatigue. Ant Esports' gamepad comes with an inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion battery of 600mAH with which you can play for up to 12 hours on a single charge. The gamepad automatically turns off when not in use which is plus point. Like most gamepads, this gamepad also has LED backlit buttons giving it a stylish and futuristic look. The LED lights can be customized with multi colors and effects, adding a touch of personalization to your gaming setup. The gamepad is lightweight and weighs around 190 grams. 


These were the best gamepad under 2000 that you can buy and enjoy your games. I hope I gave you some important information that will help you in deciding the best gamepad to buy online in India. Keep Playing.

How Does Tubro Button in Gamepad Work?

Turbo buttons on a gamepad are special buttons that allow for rapid and automatic button presses, typically used for games that require repetitive button presses or rapid firing. When the turbo setting is activated and used, the controller sends a series of rapid button presses to the pc or device which feels like the user is pressing the button multiple times.

The mechanics of how turbo buttons work can vary depending on the specific design of the gamepad controller, but generally, it involves the following steps:

  • Activation: The turbo button is pressed or toggled, activating the turbo function on the gamepad. This is usually indicated by an LED light or other visual cue on the gamepad.
  • Rapid Button Presses: Once the turbo function is activated, the gamepad controller sends a rapid series of button presses to the game console or device for the corresponding button that is assigned to the turbo function. For example, if the A button is assigned to the turbo function, the gamepad controller will automatically send multiple A button presses in quick succession to the game console or device.
  • Continuous Presses: The turbo function continues to automatically send the rapid button presses as long as the turbo button is held down or toggled on. This allows for continuous and rapid button presses without the need to physically press the button repeatedly.
  • Adjustable Speed: Some gamepad controllers may have adjustable turbo speed settings, allowing users to control the rate of the rapid button presses. This allows for customization based on individual preferences or game requirements.
  • Deactivation: The turbo function can be deactivated by breaking the button's connection with the turbo button. It can be done by pressing the turbo button and the other button which then returns to its normal function.
Gamepad controllers with turbo buttons are particularly helpful for games that call for quick button pressing, such as shooting, combat, or racing games, where quick and repetitive button hits might give an advantage. It's crucial to remember that not all games or all competitive gaming contexts may allow the usage of turbo buttons, therefore it's always a good idea to verify the rules or guidelines before utilizing turbo buttons in those circumstances.

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