Unrecord Game: One of the Most Realistic Indie Game


Unrecord Game may be one of the most realistic video games whose trailer just came out a couple of weeks before. In this article, we're going to share some insights on the game like what's this game and how the game is so much realistic. But before that a statement from the developers "Art Cannot Fight Against Interpretation". It's cool..right??

Unrecord Game
Unrecord Game

Unrecord Game is Real Game and It's not a recording footage 

The graphics of the game are very realistic and similar to the original world. The early footage of this realistic graphics game was released in the year 2022 and became viral within no time. The early game footage has more than 9 million views. At first gamers and viewers thought that these video footages are not of the game and are real-life recording footage. But surprisingly these are game footage. The developers of the game shared a trailer recently which shows how the character is running and shooting on the enemies which makes it certain that the game is real and not fake marketing. Just imagine that the game is so much real that the developers have to convince you that these are not real-life recordings and it's a game. Alexandre (lead programmer of the game) has to tweet and clarify that the game is real and not a scam.

Unrecord Gameplay is Very Enticing and Unbelievable

The gameplay of Unrecord is a body cam first-person shooter game. Most of the games which are first-person shooter games like Call of Duty and Battlefield have the visual from the eye level perspective. But in this game, the perspective changes from the eye level to body cam which is very similar to real-life operations of police personnel and military heroes. This means that the gameplay will shake as per the character's movements. The game offers interactive choices and decision-making options which affects the gameplay. The protagonist who is a police officer has to make sure that every corner of the room is safe and secure. Although it's not that complex a simulation game so it won't be that difficult to understand and act accordingly in the game.

Unrecord Game Is Developed by an Indie Game Development Studio

The developer of this game is Drama Studios which is a France-based indie game development company. The game is designed and developed in Unreal Engine 5. Most of the game's assets are acquired from the community stores which cuts the time of the development drastically. The final game will have various new elements which will be specifically designed for the game. Alexander Splinder has also shared some gameplay videos and development footage on his Twitter account.

Unrecord the Game's protagonist and storyline

The game is based on the story of a police officer. The game requires you to be analytical and use your tactical methods and decision-making abilities to advance in the story of the game.  Developers have also confirmed that the game will have a well crafted good storyline which will make the game more interactive and captivating. The game's story genre is an action thriller in which the players have to solve complex criminal cases.

How Unrecord game is so realistic?

If you observe the game trailer carefully, you may notice the shadows, reflections, animation, effects, movements, color grading, and mechanics of the game very realistic to the real-life world. The game is being developed of UE5 which shows how much potential UE5 has for the developers and gamers. The game uses ray tracing and photogrammetry which has now become very common in game development nowadays.

Unrecord Game Release date and platforms

The game release date and platforms are not known at present. But the game can be wish listed on the Steam Store so that you may receive notifications and important updates about the release of the game. The game is for sure coming on PC but rest assured it may come to consoles and other devices. The system requirements of the game will be high in my opinion which makes it really difficult for budget gamers to play this game..anyway, that's just speculation.

Is Unrecord a VR Game?

Unfortunately, Unrecord is not a VR game and it is a PC game that may be ported to specific consoles. The game runs smoothly with keyboards and controllers.


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