Best Android Games like Cities Skylines (Mobile Alternatives)

Cities Skylines video game is becoming very popular these days. Developed by Colossal Order Ltd. and published by Paradox Interactive, the game released in 2015 is still one of the best games in the genre. The 2015 game was released on various platforms except for mobile devices. Keeping that in mind and the popularity of the game, there are various alternatives to the game that you can play and enjoy the concept of the game. In this article, we are going to share with you some of these alternatives which you can play on your mobile devices.

Cities Skylines Mobile
City Skylines

It is a medieval-era city builder game where we can find structures similar to that period. The game requires you to start from a small village to a large empire using the raw resources to efficiently manage the chain of production along with the economic usage of the currency. The game also has natural calamities which destroy the production line and materials which again requires you to start building from the start.

As the name suggests is a town based in a snowy region where you have to run the town efficiently. The game has the design of a snowy city which has the decorations and entertainment methods that are required to make the residents happy. The game has various types of resources and currency that are required to make a better town.

The game developed by Sparkling Society has many prequels and variations. It is a game where players are given a certain number of islands that are used to make a city. The city evolves from a small city to a metro city. The game has a huge variation in building materials, skyscrapers, and tourist places. The game also has different islands which consist of a volcano, Forrest area, barren land, etc. Each island has different features and different challenges which increases the variety of the game.

My Idle City by Adquantum Ltd

It is one of those games in which the progress doesn't stop even if you close the game. As a gamer, it's sometimes very annoying that a few upgrades require a lot of time and it is not possible to continue playing the game without doing anything just waiting for the upgrade to finish. In my idle city, you also can run some small business that gives you the currency that can be utilized to progress in the game.

Forge of Empires is a real-time strategy genre game along with the city builder game. The game requires you to manage the resources such that the defenses of your city are strong and your troops can attack other players. The game has different upgradable weapons and designs which are unlocked as you progress in the game.

Developed by EA Games it is one of my favorite games of the genre. The game has different varieties of structures to be unlocked. The game also has different areas which can be unlocked further as you progress in the game. The layout of the residential buildings along with different important resources such as electricity, pollution, entertainment, roads, and parks all are very important so that you can make a bigger city. The game has a mad scientist who at times damages the building and requires you to repair the broken cities.


Developed by Sparkling Society it is one of the most simple games in this genre. The game's design is basic and simple to understand. The game gives you hints on how to progress in the game fast which makes it easy for gamers. Although the upgrades require an ample amount of time, these upgrades are worth it. If you just want a simple city builder game this is the game you're looking for.

It may have a blocky environment but the gameplay is engaging enough to keep gamers entertained. The design of the villages is very packed which somehow gives the feel of a metro city. It also has some famous architectural buildings which you place in your city and make your city beautiful.


These were some of the games which are similar to the PC version of city skylines. Various other games in the genre are equally good but these are my recommendations. So if you want to play Cities Skylines you might have to wait for the developers to port the game to mobile but you can play these similar games and enjoy. Keep Playing.

FAQs relating to Cities Skylines

Q. Is City Skylines free on PC?
A. No, City Skylines is not free. You can buy it from Steam Store or the Epic Store. However, you can check for discounts that both these platforms offer during sales. There are also free and paid add-ons that can be downloaded and played with the base game.

Q. Is 16 GB of RAM good for Cities: Skylines?
A. Cities Skylines has a minimum RAM requirement of 8 GB which means the game will run smoothly on 8GB. However, if you want to explore the various mods and add ons it is recommended to use a device with 16 GB RAM. The recommended RAM for Cities Skylines is 16 GB but at the same, the mods increase the requirements.

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