BGMI New Features After Unban: BGMI New Updates


BGMI was banned for almost 10 months. The recent announcement has created a lot of buzz among the Indian gamers. The game is expected to be released within a few weeks and there will be a lot of new things/features in the new BGMI game.

BGMI Unban Date
BGMI New Features

New Bots: In the upcoming updates the game will feature new bots who can drive vehicles, call their teammates, can revive their teammates. These new bots can also throw nades and smokes. They can even peek and fire at you. These bots are a heavy upgrade from the earlier game. Now, our bot killer will not dare to run after them because bots just got real.

Vehicle Storage: The new BGMI will come with vehicle storage that can be used to store your ammo, kits, nades, and other stuff. It will act similarly to the backpack in the game. There might be some difference in the storage capacity depending on the vehicles. You can also loot the vehicle once it's damaged so there is no loss in any case.

Auto Melee Weapon: Players will now have an auto melee weapon in the spawn island. It will come in handy after landing on the map. This is now dangerous as players will now have to land at a safe place.

Mirado Car in Erangel: If you have played the Miramar map, then you might be aware of this convertible car. It is one of the fastest cars in the game with a top speed of 163 km/hr.

Monster Truck in Erangel: The truck was first part of the Livik map but now it is expected that it will be coming to Erangel also.

Cycle with Cycle stand: The developers of the game has taken the game to a new height with the addition of cycles in the game. Players can now ride the bicycle in the game. 

Working Petrol Pumps in the game: BGMI will now have petrol pumps that can actually refill your vehicles. Isn't that amazing, the fake pumps are now real. It will add a realistic feel to the game.

Market Shops: These market shops are kind of an upgrade from the previous ones. They will be spawned at 5 places at a time. The locations are spread out throughout the map in 23 locations.

New attachment for M16A4 and MK47: A new attachment named Full Auto Mode is available to buy that will convert the burst mode to full auto mode. This attachment will solve the problems that many gamers faced while having this gun to tap the screen repeatedly.

Gun Shields for DP and M249: These gun shields will now be available for use just in 5 coins. These attachments actually help the user to protect themselves from enemy fire which is a really cool thing. This will be a lifesaver in prone mode. 

Hospital Building is broken: The relaunched game will have broken walls and buildings of the Hospital. These will help to create an environment for competitive gaming. The usage of these broken walls is limitless. It can be sensed the main focus of Krafton is on ESports and that's why they are creating tough scenarios for players.

New Ports In Erangel Map: There's a new port just beside the military base. Also, there's an addition to the Ferry Pier area. The new port near the Ferry Pier will serve the purpose of crossing the bridge which was really a headache for players in small zones. Both these ports will help rotation in the game in close calls. The river now has a lot of rocks which can be used for covers as well. With these new port additions camping the bridge will really be a tough choice.

New Port Near Farm: Devs are really trying to keep the game new with the addition of new things in the game. It provides uniqueness in the game and also gives the chance to formulate new strategies. The new port in the farm will also be going to add some ease to the game but at the same time, it will create new opportunities for the gamers.

Trams to Stalber: The Trams connecting Yasnaya Polyana to Stalber are coming back to the game but this time it is going to stay permanently. Actually, it was really difficult to climb the area while on foot or vehicle. So Krafton made the game easy for us. Isn't it? There will be a total of three trams expected in the game. The other two will connect Stalber to Severny and Kameshki respectively. It is going to be a very entertaining update to the game.

Group Emote: This is one of the most entertaining features that is coming to the game. Earlier squads used to count 1,2 and 3 for syncing their emoticons during the match-making but with this update players just need to tick a check box and the whole squad will dance to the leader's emote. Creators are going to love this feature and also at the same time, Royale Pass is going to be a major support for that.

Transforming into a Companion: If you're knocked out in a game and waiting to be recalled this new feature will help to keep you entertained. If you have a companion like the Falcon, you can literally transform yourself into it. Although it is not anything to be taken seriously as after transforming you break yourself from the game. 

Major Updates for Creators: The game is exploring every opportunity for entertainment. With this creator mode, gamers can now create entertaining videos that can even include dinosaurs. Krafton also includes a green screen effect in the background so that gamers can use it to showcase their imagination. This new feature also includes the day/night effect, heart effect, etc. Creators can also take good images of their characters, companions, and vehicles from the game. A good editor can now easily make a short movie out of it.

Voice To Text: New BGMI will now feature a voice input method with which you can easily communicate with your friends. In the previous versions of the game, there was a limited chat option but now you can say everything. This feature does not support the Hindi language at present but we can see that too shortly. So if you want to have a conversation but don't want to reveal your voice, this is for you.

New Guns: This new update of BGMI will introduce new guns named Honey Badger and Famas. Honey Badger will use ammo of 7.62mm and it is an assault rifle. Famas gun was also available on the Livik map and they also introduced it in the Erangel.

Changes in Hotel: There will be certain changes in the design of the Hotel situated in Pochinki. The interior design has been changed and there are a lot of more options for gamers. The stairs of the hotel have also been changed which adds newness to the game.

Mountain Bike is permanent now: Bicycles are really going to be a fun thing in the game. Iykyk.

New Fire Button: A new fire button will also be included that will open the scope also. This is going to be a major change as players will not have to open the scope and fire at the same time using two fingers.

Although most of the updates would have been available for Indian Gamers if BGMI was not banned in India. The major updates are just copied from PUBG as PUBG was getting its update throughout the whole 10 months. Let's just hope that this time BGMI stays forever. 

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