BGMI Unban Latest News & BGMI Release Date in India


The biggest gaming news of the year is here. The time has come for all the Indian Gamers who were waiting for the past year. This is official now that BMGI is going to be back with a bang. BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India), formerly known as PUBG, was banned in India on 28th July 2022 by the government due to concerns about user data being exposed to servers owned by Tencent, a Chinese company. The ban affected both Android and iOS devices, and approximately 280 applications, including BGMI, were removed from the Google Play Store. In this article, we are going to share all the latest details regarding BMGI Unban in India. So, tighten your seat belt, kyuki mausam bigadne wala hai.


BGMI Latest Unban News:

If you go back in time when PUBG mobile was launched, it created havoc in the Indian gaming industry but the game was banned by the Indian Government. A year later an Indian version of the game was launched by Krafton. BGMI had the same fate as PUBG mobile and it was again banned by the Indian Government last year in the month of July. During this period, the Indian gaming industry faced a lot of difficulties. Many gamers lost their interest and many content creators lost the zeal to make content about the game. But, the game is going to be back now and we hope that this time it stays forever ( just like my single tag 😭)

Kraton's Statement regarding the unban: Click Here

GOI's strict regulations on BMGI Unban

The game is going to be available with some terms and conditions. The regulations are more strict now. When BGMI was launched back in the year 2021 the game was released with a lot of restrictions such as the timer, killed changed to finished and the damaged color also changed, etc. This time it is expected that these regulations will be more strict. Krafton in its recent social media post has thanked the Indian Government for allowing them to resume their operations in India. Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar has confirmed the claim of Krafton about the unban of BGMI in India. 

BGMI Unban News
BGMI Unban News

The game will be resumed provided that an eagle eye will be kept by the Indian Government on the game's server locations, data security, and the privacy of users. Krafton will also be working on enhancing the gaming experience with proper care of user addiction and violent gameplay. One major setback is that the game will be available for 3 months and it will require permission from the government post-exhaustion of the period. 

Fake Rumors and News

Since the ban, there have been rumors circulating online about the unban date of BGMI in India. Some social media sites have speculated that the game was to be unbanned by December 2022 and March 2023, but these rumors were unverified and were fake news. However, Krafton, the creator and publisher of BGMI, has now officially confirmed that the game will be unbanned from both Android and iOS devices. The game will be available within few weeks.

BGMI Release Date in 2023

BGMI will soon be available on the app store and play store for download. There is no available date for the launch but, surely, it will come soon. 

Future of BGMI after Unban

To be honest, there are a lot of things going on in the Indian gaming industry. No matter whether the game will be there after three months but one thing will always be there, the government has noticed the growth of the Indian gaming industry.  It will surely surpass major industries in the coming future and therefore the government is monitoring the industry so that nothing bad inflicts in the mind of the gamers. There might be some restrictions such as monitoring the gameplay hours, the timing of gameplay and age groups or users, etc. The main reasons for the ban are known to everyone. So once again as a true gamer, it is requested not to spend your or your parent's savings on useless stuff in the game. As a gamer, it is important to understand that the gameplay is important and not the game. Keep Playing.

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