Farlight 84 Tips and Tricks

Farlight 84 is live now and is dominating the battle royale games. If you're new to Farlight 84 and are facing trouble getting kills, we have brought some tips and tricks to improve your gameplay. This article is all about easy tips to go ahead and dominate Farlight 84. Whether you’re new to the game or you are an absolute Pro these tricks and tips will surely help you.

Farlight 84 Tips and Tricks
Farlight 84 Tips and Tricks

Manage Your Jet Pack Boost

Jetpack is literally your best friend in terms of movement. Of course, you got the normal movement such as crouching and jumping but your jet pack is literally going to get you out of bad situations. It'll get you into places that you wouldn't think you could get to. You got to be cautious because it has a cooldown time which is pretty annoying but necessary at the same time. Therefore you really need to pay attention if you're playing solo. If you're taking a fight you need to see if there's a way you can get to that fight without using your jet packs. Because if you go ahead and use up your jet pack and when you get to the fight you might need to use it during the fight and since you don't have it then that's kind of a pretty serious thing. You should really be sensible when you use your jet packs because you can literally use them in so many different ways that you probably don't even know now.

Utilizing High Ground

If you're a veteran of battle royales you know how crucial it is to go ahead and use high ground. However, if you're new to Battle Royale games let me just break it down for you. High ground is basically when you have a higher position in terms of fighting options than someone else. It allows you to have a better cover and a better angle to go ahead and win your fight. I know in some situations you don't want to play High Ground all the time depending on the game but nine times out of ten it is really really important. Just try to go ahead and naturally position yourself in a location having high ground. That being said, it is also important to note that Farlight 84 has jetpacks, and therefore utilizing high ground will not be effective every time but you just have to make sure to use it efficiently.

Farlight 84 Has Tons of Vehicles

Most gamers don't understand how incredibly useful vehicles are in Farlight 84. In terms of rotation, in terms of damage, vehicles are pretty important. I know some vehicles are very slow and some of them will be an easy target for your enemies but some vehicles are really fast, really useful and I do recommend using them. You can use it to roam around the map to get kill gains or vehicles can be used to get better positioning. If you are not using vehicles to have an upper hand in the game you're literally shooting yourself in the foot.

Getting comfortable with every weapon

There are dozens of weapons in this game that are better than other weapons. And it's not possible to master every weapon. But you must at least know every gun type and its uses. For instance, let's say you're dropping into the map and there's a team near you or behind you or right on top of you. Now it's important to make sure that the random guns you pick up are going to help you in that gunfight or really just give you any small chance of surviving in Farlight 84. In any BR game you have to be prepared for every situation possible and getting a couple of every weapon will help you in that situation. Just try using every weapon or at least train yourself in the training ground for a few rounds. It will come in handy someday.

Play on the max frame per second

I know some gamers want to play with the highest Graphics setting and see how beautiful the game is but if you're not already playing on the max FPS please play with high FPS. The game is well-optimized and you should be able to run Extreme Graphics with the max frame rate. It's going to make your game a lot smoother and it will going to be a better experience. The more FPS you have against the enemy the better your advantage is against that person. It's really that simple I know it's not really that much of a game-changing tip but it's probably one of the most helpful tips I could tell anyone so if you have FPS low please turn it up to maximum.

Play in PC Servers

Did you guys know that as a mobile player, you can actually enter PC lobbies? All you have to do is invite a friend that's from Steam into your pre Lobby and enter a game and that would be a PC-filled Lobby.

Farlight doesn't need FPP

The third-person aspect in Farlight does not act like every other game because of the fact that you have jet packs that allow you to surprise your enemies who are actually hiding behind windows or a door so make sure you utilize your jet boosters efficiently.

Never takes the stairs

When in buildings try not to take the stairs because you never know if a guy is waiting for you at the end of it so actually shoot out of the window into the rooftop for a surprise attack

Ground Jump Boosters

You'll see these Ground boosters all over Carnival. Make sure to use it to reach higher and have high ground on your enemies.

Use your jetpack to enter the windows

Instead of jumping into windows use your jetpack to enter through them. time your jet boosters correctly to enter windows. You can also time your landing for a surprise attack.

Minimise slow landing

You can avoid landing slowly by using your jetpack just before you land

Carnival is a hot drop

If you're Ethan Hunt and want to play a little aggressive land in Carnival. This is an extremely hot spot. I would recommend avoiding it if you're playing to get more points

Sunil and Maggie are best for Solo vs Squad

Sunil and Maggie are the two Heroes best suited for his capability and survivability because of their unique skills and they are also best for a solo.

Crouching removes your footsteps.

Crouching makes you move slowly but it erases all indicators on the map so your enemies won't even see you coming especially if you're trying to revive your teammates

Jump Spamming

Jump spamming is a very crucial and effective way to actually avoid bullets and win more gunfights. So try to include it in your movements.

Up boost will take you forward. 

A lot of players only use the horizontal boosters but the upwards booster actually makes you go faster. it actually closes the distance when you're trying to get out of the zone or move forward so make sure to use both accordingly.

Mix up your Jet Boosts Left and Right

When you're in gunfights don't use the horizontal jet pack in the same direction. Actually, try going left or right then back or front when being shot at making it harder for your enemies to hit you.

Fastest Cars in the game

The Spider, Air Beast, and Flamethrower vehicles are the fastest vehicles in the game. So use them more often.

Yong can Scout very far

Yong's Scout can be used from an insane distance so don't be shy to pop it even if you're far away.

Ember and Lucinda Ult can be destroyed. 

Amber and Lucinda's ultimate can be destroyed just shoot the core in the middle.

Shoot Ducksyde Feet

You can actually shoot Ducksyde when he pops his shield. Just aim for his feet.

Jumppads can be destroyed

The jump pads for Yong and Sunil can be destroyed so keep that in mind.

Use Momoi's care package as a Cover

You can actually use Momoi's care package for yourself and can use it as a cover whenever needed.

Shoot the top of Cars

If you slightly aim upwards on any vehicle you'll actually land more headshots on players riding it and you'll for sure get a knock

Beau's Abilities are best Indoors

Beau's skills are best utilized inside buildings for maximum damage

Ceana Can Revive Teammates from far away

Her ultimate Reviving skill can revive teammates no matter the distance. even if your friend is far away just activate her skill.

Ducksyde has the best sheild!

Ducksyde still remains the best defense hero because of his ultimate Shield ability and his ultimate has one of the fastest cooldowns so you can use it more often.

MKR Unlimited Ammo

MKR could be the best offensive Legend because of his unlimited ammo skills and Jetpack reset after assisting.

Momoi has the fastest healing

Momoi players use her for her passive ability that allows you and your teammates to heal and shield up so much faster

Phantom Stealth Ability

Keep in mind that Phantom only goes invisible if she's standing still or crouching after using her ultimate so don't run and jump when activated.

Sunil Damage and speed boost

Sunil's ultimate gives you damage boosts and speed boosts and if you have an mkr in the team that is almost the perfect Duo to shred and start chaos against your enemy.

Syfer's ult ability is OP

Syfer's ultimate has to land the dead center or close enough to the enemy for it to work but when it does it actually breaks their Shield and stops them from using jet packs and shields. so in the right hand, Syfer can be extremely deadly.

Watchman Turret Fast Cooldown

Watchman's cooldown for the turret is extremely fast. so pop it every time you get it because it slows enemies down and it inflicts Mega damage.

Training Ground Good for Aim

The training ground is a perfect way to improve and adjust your aim to win more battles so use it more often. always keep this in mind guys

Ambush the Care package

Get to the care package first or wait for a good distance to Ambush your enemies at the right time

Collect Shield Points Early

Open your map and target the Shield icons around the map and level up your Shield to Mythic as soon as possible.

Use your Fists to run faster

Get used to running without a weapon in hand because it makes you run so much faster and some weapons like the Bar 95, sniper makes you run extremely slow.

Gain Gun XP early in the game

Always prioritize leveling up your weapons faster by knocking enemies and finding weapon XPS around the map.

Earn Hero XP early in the game

Level up your hero to get all of the perks before in the game by finding a hero XP around the map

Move with your knocked teammate while reviving.

If you have a knocked teammate and you're communicating with them through the mic you can start reviving him and move together in the same direction and the revive process will not stop.

The Drop Releases Red Beam into the Sky

Keep in mind guys when you open a care package a red beam will shoot to the sky alerting or showing your enemies your location.

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