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In today's gaming news, we will cover Payday 3, Bad Piggies 2, BGMI Unban Updates, Indus Battle Royale, and Warzone Mobile.

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China is the biggest Esports Market

Niko partners have released a new report regarding the performance of eSports in Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa region (MENA). In this report, they have stated that China is the biggest market for eSports having a market share of 34.2%. They generated total revenue of $445 Million last year which is more than 60% of the total revenue of Asia and MENA. On the other hand, India's eSports industry has generated only $22.3 Million in the year 2022, which is almost nowhere as compared to the Chinese market. The Chinese eSports market is very vast having a massive size of 40 crores gamers who are actively participating in various tournaments. The Indian eSports market has a lot of potential which is yet to be explored. Valorant, Dota 2, and League of Legends were the most popular pc games in the esports genre. PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends BB, and League of Legends Wild Drift mobile games have dominated the eSports market.

Mission Evo is now available in early access

Mission Evo is an open-world survival game which is developed by Laser Edge Studios. The game is available on tap tap. Although the game is still in early access, the game is available for pre-registration. The game is developed on unreal engine 5 which offers relatively realistic graphics and experience. The gameplay is similar to other survival games. Players will have to fight against other players and dangerous creatures for resources. The game also focuses on different strategic planning for the useful consumption of resources for crafting, cooking, and survival. Players can also attack the shelters of other players for resources.

BGMI Unban Updates May 2023

Krafton has recently revealed the earnings of their quarter Jan to March. Basically, every company does this during every quarter when they give an overall revenue report of their earnings. The CFO of Krafton stated that due to the ban on BGMI, Krafton's earnings have significantly decreased. The company is expecting to gain the dropping revenue as the game launches. The statement is not that clear about the unban of BGMI but one can sense the desperation of Krafton to launch the game as soon as possible.

Bad Piggies 2 is finally here (Not in India though)

Rovio Entertainment Corporation has released the Bad Piggies 2. The game is a sequel that promises different and difficult challenges which the players need to overcome. The game is not available for download in India. Bad Piggies 2 features a workshop in the village where players can customize the vehicles. The game is full of high-speed action. If you are not aware of the Piggies, you should be ashamed of yourself. Bad Piggies 2 is yet to be released globally for both mobile platforms.

Payday 3 is here..!!

A lot of gamers are waiting for the launch of Payday 3. Payday YT has recently released a short teaser of the game where a guy can be seen saying "All Right Guys, It's a simple job". (You can watch the teaser above). The teaser ends with a line stating the gameplay will be released this summer. For those who don't know about Payday, it is a cooperative heist game where players make strategies and execute their plans. The game might release at the end of this year.

COD Warzone mobile's release is delayed. 

The game was earlier expected to release in the month of May but to our disappointment, it is yet not released. It is now expected that the game will now be released later this year. Warzone mobile is one of the most hyped upcoming action games which is developed by Activision.

Fall Guys gets its update named Creative Construction Update

Epic Games has now released a new creative mode in their game Fall Guys. Gamers can now create their own competitive levels with the help of a level editor. The best designs will be showcased in the leaderboards. Players can also copy the designs of other players. The game has introduced 40 new levels which promises a fun entertaining experience.

Super Gaming has announced its Indus Insider Program

The developers of Indus Battle Royale have announced its Insider Program which is a content creation program for creators. Indus has partnered with YouTube for creating content around the game from selected creators. It is a golden opportunity for all those aspiring YouTube creators as they will also be given support from professionals on how to grow their reach. The top-performing creators will also get insights from the developers on how to make good quality content. There are some mandatory conditions such as making a particular number of videos during a period (which obviously kills creativity if the number is high). However, subscriber count is not a criterion for selection which means new creators also have a chance to showcase their skills. Including the insights on the game, creators will also be given creator workshops, invite-only events, and closed beta access to the game. Interested creators can apply for the Indus Insider program here.

PUBG PC Gets New Clan Update

PUBG PC in its recent update has included clans in their gameplay. Now gamers can create clans that can have up to 100 clan members. Players can assign clan masters and managers who have specific responsibilities. There are some additional perks of the clan system, for example, if players from the same clan play together they will gain double XP as compared to other players.

Sony has announced India Hero Projects

This initiative is to help Indian game developers. Basically, Sony will fund Indian game developers so that they can show their creative skills and make games of Indian origin. It is a good thing that PlayStation is aware of the market potential India has and is working on it to make it a global success.

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