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Today's gaming news is all about Farlight 84, COD Board Games, Ncore Games, Cities Skylines, Stumble Guys, NETEASE games, and Mario Movie.

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Farlight 84 Launched on PlayStore

Farlight 84 was one of the most anticipated games. Everyone knows about it. The game has been downloaded more than 50L in a very short period of time. Farlight 84 is a hero-based battle royale game that was in the beta stage for almost 2 years. The game is finally available on Android, ios, and pc devices. The game is set in 2084 when humanity is on the verge of extinction due to an unknown virus. The game features 14 heroes who have different abilities. The game has a different colorful vibe which is very unique. With Jetpacks, armored vehicles, and ingenious weapons you just have to survive till the end. Apart from the battle royale, the game also has Hunt, Team DeathMatch, bayfront Rally, etc in their gameplay.

COD Board Game Announced

So, isn't it surprising that there is a board game that is in development to be released later this year? A thrilling new strategy game based on the well-known video game series, "Call of Duty: The Board Game", will soon be released, according to a recent announcement from Call of Duty. I don’t know but as per the developers, the game is guaranteed to please any Call of Duty enthusiast with its fierce fighting, tactical planning, and breathtaking artwork featuring miniatures of classic warriors and weapons from the series.

Ncore Games fires fifty percent of employees

Ncore Games, the developer behind FAUG has laid off its 50% staff due to financial losses. There is no official news from the company but IGN India reportedly confirmed it. Ncore Games has recently grabbed 10 Million $ from Galaxy Interactive for their projects. The company is currently focussing on ICC Cricket Mobile. Gamers are hoping that they come back stronger with an actual battle royale game.

Cities Skylines Used by Psychologists to study complex personality disorders

According to a report published on psypost, psychologists are using the games to identify personality disorders such as schizotypal, histrionic, etc. The game has a lot of challenges like proper utilization of resources, manpower, area, etc to progress in the game. It requires patience and analytical skills to run the city smoothly. The test was conducted over 2 hours in which more than 5000 players had to make their city prosperous. Participants who expressed higher levels of schizotypal, depressive, and histrionic personality traits underperformed on the task compared to other participants. Although to a lesser extent, dependent and paranoid traits also appeared to have a detrimental impact on task performance. So in the end, only one question. Who says Gaming is useless?

Stumble Guys First Person Mode Launched

First-person mode in Stumble Guys has been launched. The game is very famous as it has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. The first-person mode was added to the game in the Nerf arena. The gameplay is very colorful and crazy in design where you can compete with enemies with the help of blasters. The game features different levels with hilarious fails. You can Run, Dash & Slide past opponents, Dodge oncoming obstacles and fight with your buddies in a Battle Royale real multiplayer. The game also has a lot of customization.

NETEASE Games Comes to PC & Consoles

Netease Games is a very popular Chinese game publisher which is known for Onmyoji Arena, Super Mecha Champions, Ace Racer, etc. The company has recently opened a new game studio to be focused on PC and Console Games. Anchor Point Studios, the newly opened company’s game designer have worked on popular games such as Halo, Red Dead Redemption 2, etc. The company will be focusing on action-adventure games.

Mario Movie

Mario Movie has earned more than 1 Billion $ worldwide since its release. The Mario movie is based on Nintendo’s character Mario and on the game series of the same name. It's really good news for gamers because as a kid we’ve all played the game for hours and hours and seeing our hero’s movie is really a feast for the eyes.

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