Mayanagari Game: India's Most Awaited Game of the Year

Mayanagari is an upcoming mobile game developed by Hypernova Interactive. The devs of the game are working hard to release the game as early as possible. The game has received an overwhelming response since the registration went live.

Mayanagari Mobile Game
Mayanagari Game

So, Mayanagari has changed a lot from its early impressions. The recent graphic revamp by the game developers Hypernova Interactive was released a few days back. This new build has been optimized for low-end devices and the previous bugs are also removed from the game. So, in this article, we are going to share some of the important things which were upgraded in the game and the details which we know regarding the gameplay and the launch of Mayanagari.

Mayanagari Game: Graphic Upgradation

The graphics in the game are upgraded a lot. While comparing the earlier versions of the game with the current one, one can easily observe that the roads are graphically more realistic. This new update on the game's graphics is really appreciable.  The minute details in the game's graphics make it really beautiful. The sky, the roads, the NPCs, the vehicles, the shadows, reflections, and the desi design are all improved. Although the graphic of the game has been enhanced, to some extent I feel the graphics of the game has become a little golden in color. As Mayanagari is a mobile game it is really good that the graphics is up to the mark. The game has been optimized as per reports but let's see what comes out on the game's release.

Mayanagari Game: New Features and Mechanism

Developers have also confirmed that the game now has good falling animations. For those who don't know, falling animations are the things that make the game really funny. All those falling from different heights will now be more fun and deadly. The driving gameplay has also increased a lot and it has become very smooth and realistic. The game has now introduced a checkpoints system. It means that players wouldn't have to start the mission from the beginning if killed during the mission. This is something that is very useful in a story-mode game. If you get stuck in a mission on a particular level, you won't have to play the whole mission over and over again. Every story mode game has this feature. The game also features a better navigation system with upgraded weapons and vehicle mechanics.

Mayanagari Shooting Mechanics Is it good? 

Mayanagari Game
Mayanagri Game

The shooting mechanism is still the same in the game. As most of Indian gamers are pretty much inclined towards hard-core shooting games. In such cases, the game's shooting mechanism is not that good. At the same, it is important to note that it is not a shooting game. So, there might be instances where the game may lack in the shooting experience for gamers. The game's final version is yet to be released and we hope that the developers look into this.

FAQs Related to the Mayanagari Game

Q. What will be the System Requirements for Mayanagri?

A. The minimum system requirement for the game to run smoothly will be at least 4GB RAM which is easily available in any device in the price range of 10k to 15k. The graphics will be low to medium on these devices. For better high-resolution graphics any device with the processor Snapdragon 800 series or above will work fine.

Q. What will be the size of Mayanagri?

A. The game's size will be around 2GB plus or minus but it won't be much bigger than that.

Q. Is there any female protagonist in the game?

A. The early versions will not have any female protagonist and players will only play as Dev. It is expected that the later version or updates might include any female protagonist. Although the game will feature some female characters (glamour to banta hai bhai).

Q. Will the game only have Bollywood music and style?

A. The game will feature 4 major Indian languages almost covering the Indian map. The four languages are Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, and Bengali. It is expected that Mayanagri will include many other regional languages in later versions of the game.

Q. In which engine the game is being developed?

A. Mayanagari is being developed on one of the best engines "Unity".

Q. Is Modding available in Mayanagri?

A. In the earlier version of the mobile game, modding is not available. However, it is expected that the PC version, if released, will have full-on modding. Also, it is a bit difficult to mod a mobile game as you have to make tweaks in the apk file of the game.

Q. Will Mayanagri be released on PC?

A. At present, the game will be restricted to mobile devices and there will be no PC version. However, if everything goes well, there will be a PC version.

Q. Can Dev buy houses in Mayanagri just like CJ bought in GTA?

A. Yep, players can buy houses and unlock new locations across the cities. Dev can also decorate the house as per the player's requirements.

Q. Is Mayanagri a free game or paid one?

A. Mayanagri will be a free game and players can download it from Play Store.

Q. Is Multiplayer available in Mayanagari?

A. At present, Mayanagri will be launching as a single-player game but the multiplayer mode is the main priority of the devs.

Q. How many Vehicles will be there in Mayanagari?

A. The launch version of the game will include at least thirty vehicles (including the two-wheelers).

Q. How big is the map of Mayanagari?

A. The map of Mayanagiri is 4 square km which is a good size. However, with time new islands and maps will be added to the game. Well in the words of the developers, agar Bombay aur goa ka bacha hua to wo mayanagari jaisa hoga".

Q. Can players change the driving angles of the vehicles?

A. Yes, players can change the driving angles of the vehicles. Players can also change the driving controls best for themselves.

The game is expected to release in the month of June this year. Hopefully, the game performs well giving a boost to the Indian Gaming Community. You can pre-register for the game here and wait for the Indian Gangster Dev.

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