Why Gaming Isn't Fun Anymore Reasons & Answers

Tired of searching for new games to enjoy? Or is it the other way there aren't any new games? Or maybe you have lost it all? Let's understand why gaming is not the same as it was. And for sure you aren't alone, some gamers are starting to feel like gaming isn't fun anymore, and there are several reasons why.

Gaming isn't fun anymore
Gaming isn't fun anymore

The Problem with the Current Gaming Industry and Gamers:
  • The amount of gaming content consumed is much more than playing games.
  • The Gaming companies are run by Managers/Producers and not by Gamers.
  • Quality content, Innovation, and Good Story is not a priority. High Graphics, more money, latest technologies are a priority nowadays.
  • Dominance of AAA companies and the idea of copy-pasting old games into new ones without changing anything.
  • Devs need to understand that sometimes it's okay to close and complete a game.
  • Or Maybe I'm too old for gaming.

Gaming is a Money Making Industry

The gaming industry which was once a luxury has now come a long way. Today gaming is a business that generates revenues worth billions each year. In the early days, gaming was just a hobby or a pastime, or just a playable form of entertainment.

Let's take a look at the rise of the gaming industry in terms of games, revenue, and market size. According to Statista, the revenue from the global video game market is projected to reach $372 billion in 2023, with a CAGR of 7.8% resulting in a projected market value of $502 billion in 2027. To put that in perspective Elon Musk's net worth is around $200 billion, which means the gaming industry can buy Twitter from Musk (just joking). This establishes the gaming industry as a money-making business and shows that gaming is a lucrative industry.

In terms of the number of games available in the market, the Steam platform alone has over 50,000 games available for purchase, and that's not even including games available on other platforms like consoles or mobile devices. This means that gamers have a seemingly endless supply of games to choose from, which should make gaming more enjoyable than ever. Isn't it..??

So, if gaming is so big and there are so many games available, why are some gamers feeling like it's not fun anymore? Well at present, Gaming has become a job for some people rather than just a hobby or pastime.

The Psychology of Gaming!

Humans have a tendency to seek variety and fresh perspectives, and the world of gaming amplifies this desire very much. Gamers are a unique group in society, and it's fascinating to learn why they constantly seem to seek new video games. Finding an original and compelling game can be challenging given the growth of mobile and pc games. Even hardcore gamers may become bored or lose interest in gaming as a result of this.

Gaming is an entertainment business that promotes social connection, free will, a sense of authority, and enjoyment. Gamers get a sense of satisfaction and winner after finishing a game or a certain level of games. But to some extent, these feelings can not be experienced as there is very less uniqueness in the gaming industry. This is the main problem that gamers face but at the same time, the developers also face creative challenges.

But that is what the gaming industry requires. We are humans and we constantly seek new ideas. We are programmed that way, we can't just sit idle and wait for the end (unless you're an idiot). Our mind craves new challenges to keep our brain active and engaged which gaming provides. When a gamer plays a new game, he is exposed to new challenges to overcome, new stories to experience, and new worlds to explore. This keeps the brains engaged and entertained which provides a sense of excitement and adventure.

In addition to the above, playing video games with friends or competing in online gaming communities can be a friendly activity for introverts. Due to the desire of experiencing new worlds and experiences with online friends, gamers feel motivated by this social side to seek out new games. One important thing which disturbs the community is online bullying. Online harassment and toxic behavior have increased with the popularity of online gaming. Online Games have made players more connected than ever before but have also undermined the fun of gaming.

One more important thing is that when a gamer loves a game, story, characters, music, and everything, WE BECOME THE CHARACTER and WE LOVE THE CHARACTER. And that's the tricky part there. Once a gamer loves a game, he starts comparing every new game he plays. As a human, we are built like this, and if we didn't find better games, gaming changes for us and we lose interest.

Rise of Esports

The Rise of Esports is also one of the main reasons why gaming isn't fun anymore. There are a lot of Esports Athletes who are earning crores. This makes unnecessary peer pressure on players who just want to enjoy gaming. Streaming platforms like Twitch, Loco, and Youtube have created a mess out of gaming. Streaming can be fun for some but the definition of enjoying games have changed with streaming.

Moreover, Esports is now more of a money-making tool. According to Statista, the global esports market is projected to reach $1624 million in 2023 and $2235 million by 2027 with a CAGR of around 8.3%. This money mindset growth has led to the rise of professional esports teams, tournaments with huge prize pools, and the development of games specifically designed for competitive play. This can be exciting for an esports fan but it makes gaming feel less fun for casual players who just want to enjoy a game without worrying about their performance.

Mobile Games and In-App Purchases

Everybody owns a mobile phone or a tablet. And now with cheaper internet more and more people are playing games on their mobiles. This is a good thing that gaming is now more accessible but the quality of the games on Play Store or App Store is decreasing day by day. These games are loaded with low-quality gameplay driven by ads with a money-making mindset without worrying about the main goal of gaming.

The Giant Companies' Ideology of Games

Giant gaming companies have also contributed to the decline of fun in gaming. Giants like Electronic Arts (EA) and Activision Blizzard have been criticized heavily for prioritizing revenue over the quality of their games. EA's "Star Wars Battlefront II" was heavily criticized for its microtransaction system, which allowed players to pay real money for in-game advantages. Activision Blizzard's "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" was criticized for its lack of a single-player campaign. Both the games were commercial successes, but they left gamers with one question and that is- Is money more important than the overall gaming experience.?

With the constant drive to earn more money rather than build quality games, developers are focusing just on building low-quality games for gamers. The Assassin's Creed franchise is one such example.

With time the gaming industry has grown exponentially and developing a game is really costly. This cost has put pressure on the developers to create games that appeal to a wider audience. This ideology has made the games feel generic and uninspired. And to be honest, the inclusion of microtransactions or other monetization strategies is really frustrating for players. One important thing which is slowly gaining popularity is the strategy that Netflix is using. Netflix games are good as well as it doesn't have any ads in them which increases the overall gaming experience.

AR and VR Games

The effect of technical improvements on the game experience should also be taken into account. Although new technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality could completely change the game industry. They can also be expensive and call for specialized technology, which limits their accessibility for some players. Furthermore, games that favor flashy aesthetics or gimmicks over engaging gameplay (games produced as a result of new technologies) can eventually diminish the enjoyment of playing.


The gaming industry has grown significantly over the past few years. Some gamers have enjoyed the growth while some gamers have concluded that gaming isn't fun anymore. The Rise of Esports, Mobile Gaming, and Quantity over Quality have contributed to this feeling. But to be honest, there are few good games out there, it's just that you'll have to dig very deep to find good games. with the right mindset, gaming can still be a fun and enjoyable hobby. Or We can just wait and watch the shift from What new great thing can we make that players will love?" to "How can we make a game for the least amount of money with the most aggressive and manipulative monetization people will accept."


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