Why Mobile Games are so popular in India


India is emerging as one of the biggest markets of gaming and Mobile Gaming is the catalyst that is helping to grow the gaming industry. There are a lot of reasons why Indian gamers love mobile games. In this article, we have tried to sum up some of the important points which answer the question: Why Mobile Games Are So Much Popular In India?

Why Indian Loves Mobile Gaming
Why Indians Love Mobile Gaming

Mobile games are easily accessible

The best thing about mobile gaming is that they are available all the time. You just have to carry your mobile phone. It keeps you entertained as you can play your favorite games anywhere at any time. Mobile games are also popular because they give you a large number of games from different genres. From puzzle to simulation every category of game is available on the mobile. One of the best examples of such a game is Ludo King. Everyone loves to play Ludo King which can be played just on your fingertips. The mobility of mobile games can also be seen while people travel or commute. Most people play mobile games to kill time which is a good way to get entertainment. It gives you the freedom to play games at your convenience as it offers a great number of games. With the availability of cheap internet and smartphones, Indians are now exposed to online games which also has increased the popularity of mobile games in India.

Mobile games are free to play

This is the biggest reason why Indians love mobile games. PC games are not free for gamers and as an Indian, I know how much Indians love free things. For example, one of the most popular games of all time PUBG PC was paid a few years back and cost around INR 999, whereas the same game was free to play on mobile. Another big title is COD which has the same story as PUBG. Nowadays mobile games are becoming better and better with more gameplay optimization. They have realistic graphics and smooth gameplay. One can argue that pc and console games offer a better experience but to be honest, setting up a pc or console is costly as compared to mobile phones. In the end, mobile games offer a great experience for gamers. Although there are some shortfalls it can be neglected.

Mobile games are for everyone

The other reason why mobile games are so popular is that they are available for gamers of all age groups. Mobile Games offer very diverse games from the genres Action, Adventure, Arcade, Board, Card, Casino, Puzzle, Simulation, RPGS, BR, etc. to name a few categories. They have games for a child as well as a middle-aged person. Also, the store has innumerable numbers of games from each of these categories. These offers gamers a lot of option to choose from.

Mobile games are economical

The cost of a Sony PlayStation or an Xbox is around INR45K which is much costlier than a good mobile phone. On the other hand, setting up a gaming PC is even costlier than a PlayStation. It is true that Consoles give a better experience but it is also a fact that Indian parents will not buy a gaming console or pc for a child to play games. Apart from playing games, a mobile phone is a multipurpose device that can be used for different uses. On the other hand, a console is particularly a gaming device which will again include installation charges and game costs. If you're a gaming fan, it is likely that you have had a console or a pc, but if you have restrictions on the budget (which most of us have) mobile devices come to the rescue. (Agar apne language me bole to- "apne pass bas mobile hi hai isliye hum mobile game hi khelte hai")

The Problem with PC and Console Games

One of the important reasons is that there is a lot of uncertainty in PC and Console games. The cost of an average PC or Console game is around INR4k. What if you bought the game and the game didn't live up to your expectation. There is a possibility that after buying three to four such games the next time you will be cautious. During the past few years, major AAA titles have not lived up to the expectation. (It will not matter if you're Batman). On the other hand, mobile games don't give you that headache. If you didn't like the game simply delete and download a new game. There are also paid games available in the store but I don't think a majority of the gamers are aware of them. Also, the development cost of a mobile game is less as compared to pc or console game, and therefore gamers are never out of options.


There are pros and cons to everything. Mobile games also have their pros and cons. They are cheap, accessible, and available for gamers of all age groups. They also lack in a few areas such as in-app advertisements and purchases which somehow hampers the gaming experience. But as Indian, we do not have any more options as I know my parents will not buy an INR 50K device just to play games. That is the biggest reason which I feel. Anyway. Keep Playing.


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